Counterfeit ChaTraMue Products Notice

Counterfeit ChaTraMue Products Notice

It’s been brought to our attention that there are counterfeit ChaTraMue products that’s been sold on various online platforms which is not authorized by us. We issue this warning to avoid any confusion and false purchase. We will keep investigating these counterfeit products and highly recommend these checks before you purchase.

Please be advised an inspection of the counterfeit product has determined they are not produced with the same high-quality raw materials and do not meet the same quality of ChaTraMue products. Such counterfeit products would fall short of ChaTraMue’s high standards. Further, the counterfeit products may cause risk as the contents are unknown.

ChaTraMue takes the counterfeiting of its products seriously and will take such steps to prevent this from continuing. Should you detect any counterfeit products, please contact us at with the details and we will further investigate.

We are compelled to inform our customers and consumers of these counterfeit products as we do not wish to be misrepresented and hope that all our consumers are able to enjoy the authentic ChaTraMue product. Kindly check our authorized distributors around the world on website:

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