From the brand that has been with the Thai people for over 75 years passed from generation to generation, “CHATRAMUE” is a tea manufacturer who is determined to shake up the Thai tea industry to become known and create the “Thai Tea” to be accepted by people around the world. The principle that the brand always adheres to is honesty. The intention of all parties is to produce quality tea that is delicious for Thai people and people around the world to drink. Through a unique manufacturing process and factory management system standards.


From the production process to the high-quality dried tea products. Popular dried tea products include red tea, green tea, oolong tea, rose tea, etc. It can be used as a raw material for making beverages and desserts. Chatramue’s products are popular in Thailand and abroad.

Best Seller

Big Can 450g

฿ 145 ฿ 145
Best Seller

Can 220g

฿ 140 ฿ 140
Best Seller

Sachet Packed In Can

฿ 280 ฿ 280
Best Seller

Bag 250g

฿ 110 ฿ 110


The tea leaves are picked and processed well as the main raw material to main menu, drinks and desserts in a wide range. Some of the menu is a blend of our tea and Thai ingredients which become ChaTraMue Thai unique taste with mellowship


Starting from the popularity of Thai milk tea, Thai unique taste of ChaTraMue, in Thailand and All around the world, we now open many branches all region of Thailand and expand into the international market in order to accommodate more international customer.

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